Our Rooms

Baby Room


This is our Baby Room in here the children are aged from 6 weeks to 2 years old, the ratio in this room is 1 adult to 3 children. In the baby room we provide a stimulating environment, we have designed it to make it a ‘home from home feel’. We have made the environment bright for the children to explore and have the right equipment for the children to support their physical development for when they start to pull themselves up ready for walking. We also have a black and white area within the Baby room as babies respond well to simple and bold patterns. By having these it supports the babies visual development.





















We have a cozy area in the baby room so that our children can read their favourite book and there are also personalized books so that they can look at their pictures of themselves in nursery and also their family.





















We have a little home corner in the baby room, all the units are at a small height and the children can start imitating what they see at home.

Toddler Room

This is our Toddler room, the children are aged from 2 years to 3 years old the ratio in here is 1 adult to 4 children. In here we are getting the children to have their own independence by self serving. Within this room we help to develop your child’s social and interaction skills, we do this through the every day activities that we offer and also through the planning that we do for each individual child.

This is our small world area, in this we have developed a sensory zoo made out of cereal so that the children can use all their senses to explore the different textures
























This is our Toddlers home corner, we have set this out with real food packages and we also have real food in here so that the children can imitate what parents do at home for example making cups of tea, and different food.


























In toddlers we have developed our maths area into a bigger space with lots of maths equipment, we also have interactive boards so that the children can always have a go at matching shapes and numbers.























This is our Toddler creative and story area, the children have lots of fun in these two areas, they use different materials to create their own master pieces to take home with them. In the story area this is where they do their together time and circle times.



























This area has the playdough, space theme and sand and water area in it. In these areas the children in the Toddler Room use their imaginative skills and role play, also the children make their own playdough everyday and do some baking once a week.






















This is toddlers small world area, they have a different theme for this each term, this goes from the children’s interests, in this area we have different resources from train tracks, cars, people and animals.


Pre School Room



















This is our pre school room, the children are aged between 3 years and 5 years old, the ratio in the room is 1 adult to 8 children. In the pre school room the children are encouraged to be very independent, they also promote school readiness within the room, for when your children are ready to go to school. All the areas are very inviting they all go off children’s interests and all of the children’s work go into these areas.






















Pre schools reading area is very cozy we have made a den so that the children can get cozy whist reading their favourite book, this is where they do their circle time and story times. They also share with each other the things that they have done over the weekends



















This is pre schools small world area, this is another main focal point as you walk in, this has been made to develop the children’s imaginative play and it has come from children’s interests. We have dinosaurs, cars, small world people, animals and train tracks in this area.




















Here is pre schools creative area, it has its own junk modelling station where the children can make their own 3D work to take home with them, they also have the different materials that are needed to make their own art master pieces.  You can also see the home corner in this picture, here we have made it a lot like home, we have lots of real objects within this area and also real food packages so it is developing the children’s understanding.